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Does your team need an energy injection now they’re back in the office? Are you looking for something fun that’s not your stock standard corporate workout class? What about some non-traditional workouts like these....

Twerk Fitness, Cardio Dance , HIIT, Pilates, Flexibility, Animal Flow, Circuit Training

We can work around your busy team with classes available online and on-site Monday - Friday. Get in touch today to chat about working together.

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Around here, we’re not just about the twerking. We go skating, swimming, out for dinner and out out together. We love seeing you stepping out of your comfort zone trying new things and growing in confidence each time. And that’s exactly why we have Struttin events every month. For us to connect outside of the studio and let our hair down. A lot of us aren’t from Ireland so we’re extra heavy on the family vibes around here.

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Save The Date - Sat, 27th Nov, 2 Workshops + dinner & cocktails in town after, detail coming soon!

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