A Bit About How We Roll

By Struttin' Mod | Oct, 05th 2020

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Lets Roll! We know there’s no one quite like you on this entire planet! And we’re excited to have you here. If you’re brand new to Struttin’ WELCOME!!! We see you and damn do we appreciate you!

Here’s a little bit about how we roll:

  1. We’re your number 1 fans the minute we meet and LOVE seeing you win.
  2. We know and wholeheartedly believe ALL WOMEN are beautiful, creative and wildly talented. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or how long we’ve known you – we have unshakeable belief in you.
  3. Half-assing anything ain’t an option when it comes to our community both online and offline. 
  4. We’re here for YOU! This isn’t a one-way, emotionless transaction. STRUTTIN’ is just as much yours as it is ours! It’s a community built on equality and acceptance.
  5. But we ain’t for everyone. We are for you if you’re: 
    • All about community never competition,
    • Ready to shine bright and give the person next to you permission to do the same, and
    • The type of girl who appreciates a passionate F bomb here and there. 

We’re excited to celebrate the things you love and add value to your life. We’ll laugh and cry together while Struttin’ around and shouting about our beautiful community with pride. 

You ready?