Your First Twerk Class

By Struttin' Mod | Oct, 05th 2020

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So you’ve heard the buzz. Twerk classes are taking over women’s lives around the world. Here’s what you need to know about the world getting sassier and more self-confident one booty at a time.

To settle your nerves before your first twerk class, our twerk queen Haelee Reis is answering those burning questions.

Here’s what you need to know before your first twerk class:

I’ve never danced before! Like never even set foot in a studio. Can I really do this? 

ABSOLUTELY! I didn’t start dancing till I was 25 (other than one Irish Dance class when I was 10).

Every class is broken down step-by-step and your instructor will share all their tricks, tips and secrets to the perfect twerk. The quicker you tick off your first class the fast those beginner nerves vanish.

Do you have a class for gals who need a Pre-Pre-Pre Beginner class? Asking for a friend. 

Hey Friieennddd. Yes absolutely. You can join our Pre-Beginner classes and workshops where you’ll have your hand held as we show you everything super slow. We don’t expect you to be an expert, or even have much of an idea what’s going on, that’s what we’re here for.

Use the amazing resources here on this platform and if you have questions – give us a shout.

Check out Haelee’s TikTok for pre-beginner and beginner twerk tutorials.

Secret time – I’m freaking out about the idea of studio class. Can I practise in private first? 

Yes, yes, yes! Take action straight away. We know you’re like us and love diving straight in so click HERE for a quick pre-beginner twerk tutorials and HERE for a mini twerk choreo class.

What do I wear? 

One of my FAVORITE questions to answers. You ready..?

Whatever you damn well like! You do you. If you’re feeling sexy and beaming confidence, whip out those extra cheeky booty shorts. Alternatively if it’s that time of the month and you’re living in leggings and T big enough for 3 people… stay in your comfy clothes! Just remember we’re moving around so as long as you’re comfortable OWN IT BABY!

Will I be filmed? 

No paps allowed! Unless you want to showoff because you know you nailed that choreography.

Therefore some classes/parts of classes are filmed for promo material but you will always have the option not to be recorded. Don’t worry this won’t impact your class whatsoever and you will be given fair warning BEFORE we start filming. So there’s no risk of your twerk videos popping up on social media without you knowing. 

Do I have to have my camera on during live online classes? 

Not at all. At times we’ll even ask you to turn your camera off if it’s affecting the connection. We love seeing you and from experience we know you’ll see quicker improvements when we can see you and give feedback. 

What do I need? 

Without sounding like a motivational coach (not that there’s anything wrong with that) be ready to surprise yourself. Even if you don’t quite believe it yet, you’re 100% that queen and you can do anything you set your mind too!

Also be ready to rock with the following :

Phone, Laptop or PC to stream our classes

Water, Towel, Safe space to dance and train

Shorts are optional (but they do help with jiggle)

I’m terrible with technology! How do I stream the classes?

Let us tell you a little secret about Haelee (H). H didn’t have a laptop from Dec 2009 – Aug 2019. She was admittedly computer illiterate until last year. So we know first hand how stressful and frustrating tech can be. We give you step-by-step guides how to set everything up and we’re always here if you get stuck. 

What is STRUTTIN’? 

STRUTTIN’ is that badass, boss-lady confidence you see walking down the street a mile away. 

We’re all about showing up and owning your space – just as you are. 

We’re the excited girls standing behind you yelling ‘GIRL YOU GOT THIS!’

STRUTTIN’ is letting your inner badass out and being brave enough to live a life you love.

We know you are beautifully creative, strong, resilient, educated and a little weird. And that’s exactly why we love you!

Do I only have Twerk classes? 

We have a range of live online classes every week covering genres such as: Afrobeats, Dancehall, Hip Hop and Heels to name a couple. Outside of Dance classes we also offer Pilates, Flexibility, Yoga and S+C. All designed with dancers in mind.

Where can I find you?

Get in touch with us here