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Here at Struttin’ we celebrate courageous people hustling to make a difference with love, passion and some badass dance moves. Struttin’ is your hub where culture, shop classes, creativity and dance are celebrated. Content restricted. Where inspiration’s found and education is a priority. Where stories are heard. Understanding is shared. Struttin’ isn’t just a hub for dancers. And no we’re not for everyone either. We’re here for young intelligent people, like you, who appreciate culture like it’s fancy Italian wine. We understand that music, dance and history are intricately intertwined. And it’s our mission to preserve these stories and traditions so they can be shared with YOU.

We exist for dancers, creatives, performers, artists, students, teachers, entrepreneurs and innovators in Ireland. We’re also the type of people who pump tunes, hairbrush microphone in hand and dance around the house like we’re on stage with Bey.  We’ll keep you up-to-date on Ireland’s dance and cultural events, workshops, classes and throw in some shenanigans for the craic. All while creating thought provoking and honest content that’s good for the soul. 

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We’ll laugh together and maybe shed a few tears. We’ll be your business mentor some days then others, we might challenge your understanding of the world. We can promise you this, our work is dedicated to celebrating creativity  and providing a space for learning and growth.  

We’re happy dancing to have you’re here! And hope you love Struttin’ as much as we do. Love your Team at Struttin’ xxx. P.s Remember this is your hub, if there’s a hot topic you want covered let us know.


Aint no body got time for fluff and long winded snores. After all Struttin’ is here to give you back some of your valuable time. Struttin is a badass fitness community with both live online classes, weekly studio classes and monthly social events online and in Dublin. Our weekly online timetable consists of 6 live stream classes with me.

Ok, before you start… One thing – Yes you CAN do this! Our classes are specifically designed for you to SLAY and feel like the confident queen you are.