Bonnie Boux

Founder of Bonnie Boux, S.L.U.T, CorCra22, Co-founder of Miley Designs Naughty Bits

Burlesque | Twerk | Hip Hop | Comedy

let us introduce you to a woman who’s actively changing the way women see themselves and their bodies in Ireland. Sinead’s the founder of Bonnie Boux, S.L.U.T, CorCra22 and Co-founder of Miley Designs Naughty Bits

Known on the dance scene as Bonnie Boux, Sinead’s a self taught dancer from Waterford. Specialising in insane music video workshops, burlesque competitions and her one woman comedy shows Bonnie lives by her motto ‘Dance Yourself Free’.

Follow her on Instagram @bonnieboux @corcra22