Ireland’s Dancehall Guru

By Struttin' Mod | Dec, 21st 2020

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Meet Ireland's Dancehall Guru

You know those women who speak directly to your soul without saying a single word..? That’s Lucille Aires especially when she’s dancing! A woman who sparked the Dancehall craze in Ireland and is actively making a difference in the dance community. Lucille’s dedicated to sharing Dancehall and Afro Dance with her students around the world.

Here’s why you’ll love her just as much as we do.

Lucille’s up there with Ireland’s best dancers and is definitely our Dancehall Guru. A dancer who has written her name in permanent marker on our community and country.

Lucille united the dancehall community in Dublin and also founded Ireland’s first ever Dancehall crew, World Fusion Crew. A collaboration of students from all walks of life, from all corners of the Globe, dancing and learning together. Lucille’s passionately sharing her years of dedication and research with her students – sharing the history and stories of each Dancehall move she teaches.

During class this sassy Brazilian instructor might throw you a few steps in her native tongue, Portuguese. Then burst into a fit of giggles realising her multicultural audience didn’t catch a word of it. Lucille’s not just an incredible dancer. This girl’s a college graduate, speaks 3 languages fluently and is currently learning Turkish as her 4th.

“Dancehall is a Jamaican way of life not just a dance genre” Lucille Aires

Lucille advocates that “Dancehall is a Jamaican way of life not just a dance genre”. Teaching Dancehall classes allows her to share stories and dance history through moves, music and choreography.

This queen doesn’t just live and breathe dancehall, Lucille teaches Afro Dance classes from beginners – advanced. When she’s not teaching classes, Lucille guest stars in music videos, trains with her crew and shoots dance videos fit for MTV.

Outside the studio, Lucille does her most meaningful work.

Managing and hosting showcases with Go Dance For Change. Organising charity events and community forums. Even speaking openly and honestly on race, equality and her experiences as a Black Woman living in Ireland.

To sum up in a few sentences.

This woman builds and unites communities everywhere she dances. Lucille’s dedicated to making positive change in the world. Through Dancehall Lucille connects, educates and inspires the people around her.

Whether you’re in-person or online you’ll walk away from every class with a new understanding of Dancehall and its rich culture. Most importantly you’ll join hundreds of students worldwide thanking Lucille for what she’s added to their lives.

Wherever you are, wherever you live you can dance with Lucille.

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Stay connected with Lucille here @lucilleaires