May Community Events

By Haelee Reis | May, 11th 2021

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Let’s face it, we have been kept inside for nearly 7 months. June can’t come quick enough (studio classes ….in real life…I’m just SO excited!!)

For May I’ve found a nice mix of 4 amazing women led events to enjoy in your kitchen, at your desk or in bed. The month of May is full of self-development, dance, art, and burlesque performances and learning about sexual wellness.

Here’s 5 Events May to get you through to freedom!

Quaranteasy Speakeasy Birthday

Quaranteasy Speakeasy are celebrating their 1 year birthday!!! Come celebrate with them as @the_quaranteasy_speakeasy turns 1! They will be bringing you an amazing line up to the virtual stage, live in your living room!!! So, grab a drink and come join the online live Burlesque & Cabaret show.

To celebrate their birthday, there will be lots of fun and games…their wonderful line-up of performers will be dancing to mystery tracks which will be drawn at random on the night, brand new exclusive acts and much more.

@cadburyparfait, @mamasass_burlesque, @lilithdlicious,, @locqueslaroux, @bonbonburly, @ladytequilabootyshot, @sianblackburlesque 

Cost:                Starting from £4.50

Date:                9pm 14th of May 

Location:          Online/Zoom

Book your spot HERE

The Principles of Sexual Wellness

When it comes to sexual wellness, everyone experiences how their inner world and state of being affects their desire & interest in sex. This workshop will give you the education you need to understand how our bodies functions in relational to libido, arousal and desire.

This is a once-off special event to give you the baseline education we should ALL have about our sexual wellbeing and how to support it.

See more @hellojennykeane on Instagram.

Cost:                 €49 Book your spot HERE

Date:                7-9pm on 18th of May 2021

Location:          Online

Let’s Landscape: Collage Workshop

Have you been somewhere where the scenery has been awe-inspiringly beautiful? Where you have found a moment of tranquillity and peace?

In this workshop, Fiona will guide us to create a collage of our favourite landscape. Choose a photograph you love, where you felt relaxed and happy. This will be your subject matter. You will re-create the photograph by looking through magazines, and then cutting out shapes and colours that represent your special day.

You’ll need:

  • A photo of a cherished landscape – this will be used as guide only
  • A3 or A4 cartridge paper/sketchbook (guide to paper sizes)
  • Magazines/newspaper/catalogues/scrap paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Hosted by @ricefieldarts on Instagram

Cost:                Free

Date:                19th of May 2021 

Location:          Online/Zoom

Click HERE to reserve your spot

The Art of Public Speaking: Increase Your Confidence and Build Your Skills

Podium Perfect are rerunning a webinar for those who want to learn the seven-step framework for building a foundation for effective public speaking. In this 30-minute session, they will give you some basic tools to boost your confidence and give you more power to speak and to be listened to in both your personal and professional life.

This session will cover the basics of:

  • Body language
  • Voice,
  • Tone,
  • Pitch,
  • Use of stories,
  • Use of pauses,
  • Tackling imposter syndrome
  • Some practical exercises to try yourself at home

Hosted by the @podiumperfect on Instagram

Cost:                Free

Date:                6.30pm 26th May 2021

Location:          Online/Zoom

Save your seat! Click HERE

May is a wonderful month full of great things before we come out of lockdown (hopefully), you can learn more about sexual wellness, overcoming your public speaking skills or having a nice glass of wine while doing some art. There is so much available online to discover the little joys in life and maybe even find a new love/passion.

                        Get out there and try something new! You might be the next Van Gogh for all you know 😉

For more information please contact the event organisers directly.

Love of love

May Wong @ Team Struttin’