Struttin Afro Dance workshopStruttin Afro Dance workshop

Afro Dance 101


Tuesday 13 July


Learn the basics of Afro Dance and have fun! This workshop is a mix of Afro Dance moves and combos from Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Cameroon and Kenya (to name a few). If you’ve been saving those Afro Dance tutorials on Tik Tok you don’t want to miss this!


Lucille’s a woman passionate about her heritage and dedicated to educating her students about the history and culture of Dancehall and Afro Dance.

Up there with Ireland’s best dancers and definitely our Dancehall Guru, Lucille’s written her name in permanent marker on our community and country. Not only uniting the dancehall and afro dance communities in Dublin but also founding Ireland’s first ever Dancehall crew, World Fusion Crew. A collaboration of students from all walks of life. From all stretches of the Globe.


Beginner friendly | Free to members | €8 Drop-in

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