Struttin Heels WorkshopStruttin Heels Workshop

Stripper Style Leg Waves


Wednesday 7 July


Have you ever seen those stunning pole dancers in heels gliding around the floor like goddesses and thought “damn I wish I could do that”…? Well your wish has come true – minus the pole. This Heels class will bring out your inner stripper and have you owning every inch of your body.  Haelee is a pole dancing twerker who radiates attitude and confidence even when she’s just standing next to the pole. And she’s sharing all her tips, tricks and secrets to being a Bad B in heels.

Learn the secret to smooth and sexy stripper style leg waves. Open to all levels. Please make sure your heels are suitable for dancing. If you’re unsure, drop us a message.

Free to members or €8 drop-in

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