BHM – I haven’t got a clue!

By Struttin' Mod | Oct, 05th 2020

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Black History Month shows me just how ignorant I am!

This month is Black History Month and as a social media marketer, creator, dancer, friend and woman it makes me really anxious. 

Now hold the phone – it’s not because this isn’t a really important historical and current issue. And it’s also not because it shines a huge light on a number of our F*CK UPS as a human race.

No it’s none of that. Black History Month makes me anxious because it shows me just how damn ignorant I am. It leaves my lack of knowledge no place to hide. But I’m actively deciding to change that and you should too!

“But what can I do…?” ?

Here’s a few things so get you started.

1. Get off Instagram

Open Google, or maybe even a BOOK, to educate yourself. Knowledge is power. Make sure you absorb facts and filter out the noisy social media BS.

2. Share what you learn

Knowledge has no ownership so share it around freely and abundantly. We learn and grow through shared experiences. So open up judgement free conversations and share what you’re learning.

3. Ask questions

Not of your BIPOC community. Ask people outside these communities what they know and understand? Expand the conversation, beyond the men and women who are reminded of these injustices DAILY.

4. Just Stop

Stop injecting your irrelevant allyship tales. This is your time to sit, listen and learn ?

5. Follow These Women

(To name just a few)

6. Know you don’t have to understand

You don’t have to understand everything but you do have to understand a little bit more each day. Lasting positive change takes time and calls for patience and empathy. Initiating those changes starts today.

Tbh I’m saddened, like I’m sure you are too, that Black History Month even exists but unfortunately history has been written.

So “what can I do?” – Use this month educating yourself and others. Open up honest conversations with people around your. And understand the work has only just begun. Now CELEBRATE SUPPORT and SHOUT ABOUT the incredible BIPOC around you!!!! 

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