Get frustrated with YOURSELF!

By Struttin' Mod | Oct, 05th 2020

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Frustrated! I sliced my finger off at 16. Made my first court appearance at 19. And blew $250k when I was 24 on an event that lasted 6 hrs ? And at 29, after owning a laptop less than a year, I started a digital agency with my main squeeze.

They’re just some of my MANY career highlights.

Why am I thinking about this…? 

Because heaps of legends, just like you, are feeling a little meh at the moment ? Don’t worry I feel it too. A healthy serving of motivation deprivation with a side of “this is some BS!” right?

Ok so first ✊? all the power in the word to you. Sit with your feelings and feel that shit out. BUT don’t hang out there for too long.

You see I’m a huge believer in sharp and aggressive CAREER ZIGZAGs and fuelling my multi-passionate (and slightly overactive) brain. 

So get frustrated, sit with your feelings, have a good look at what makes you smile from the inside out and don’t be scared to zig and zag and zig again. 

Life is short. Spend it doing something you love!